Thursday, September 18, 2008


More days on the beach and sightseeing around the Island. One lazy day of relaxing turns into another. The surf moderated to the degree that riding waves was fun and safe. Knowledge that a friend is dieing. Time with my sisters. And of course, time with Van Halen.
The deep blue sparkles
Sun's reflected points of light
Countless waves marching in

Sun flecked ocean blue
Surface churning, crossed by waves
Rides the breaking crest

Dark clouds race above
The sea a menacing gray
The surf is untouched

The long green wall nears
Push into the curling spray
Rush of sandy foam

Youths bonds of friendship
Years of independence pass
Time to say goodbye

Thursday night's concert took place during the Right Here, Right Now Tour in Paris, France on April 21, 1993, the first of two nights at Le Zenith. This tour followed their release of the live concert album of the same name. The Paris show was a good audience bootleg recording. I was rock'in on the shore of Lake Panamoka for a couple of hours.

According to the Van Halen Encyclopedia, the following occurred during this tour: "Before an outdoor show in Boston, a Junebug managed to lodge itself in one of Eddie's ears, nearly damaging his eardrum. While staying at the Four Seasons Hotel, the guitarist awoke several times throughout the night experiencing excruciating pain. Not knowing just what may be in his ear, Ed sprayed saline solution into the ear canal, and after whacking himself in the head several times, the one-inch insect fell out into the sink."

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