Sunday, October 5, 2008


Last Thursday I met a friend and we both went to see the first of several ski movies that will play in the Denver area. A group of collage kids bought a 16 mm camera and filmed their days riding powder at a variety of locations in the western US. The most notable part of the flick was the music: all of it was written and played by a single blues artist out of Colorado Springs. He supposedly watched the movie and composed/played as the film was rolling before him. Bought the soundtrack following the show. These movies pump up my desire to hit the slopes, ski season being just around the corner

After listening to the 1993 anniversary show at the Whiskey A GoGo last night, I dug through my stack of unlistened to bootleg recording and found another show at that club, this one taking place on June 10, 1977 with Dave at the helm. VHboots says this about the recording:

"This is an "A-" audience recording of the early club days. A lot of Dave's rappin'/talkin' is in this one. A nice set of songs for 1977. A must if you can get your hands on it!! "

Although the quality of the sound was limited by the recording devices available in the '70s, it was a very good concert that had a feel similar to the 1993 show. You can tell it was taped in a small club, the audience going wild between the songs. A couple people had whistles that they were blowing in appreciation, the loud sound grating on the nerves after a while. Yeah, Dave raps with the audience, but I get the sense that its part of the stage act, still not entirely comfortable/confident of himself since they are still unknown outside the southern California music scene. It was only a couple months earlier that they signed up with Warner Brothers to produce an album. The Van Halen Encyclopedia says:

"On a rainy Monday night in May 1977, Marshall Berle brought Warner Brothers Chairman Mo Ostin and producer Ted Templeman to see Van Halen perform. Unbeknownst to the band, Templeman had also been there the previous night as well, probably scoping them in preparation for the following night's visit. Van Halen was offered a contract on the spot. They accepted it 24 hours later." The album they produced, Van Halen I, rocketed them skyward, their brand of party rock making them a national and then global sensation.
Youths nimble fingers
Played so fast and furious
Sound with a sharp edge

Friday night party
Crowd worked to a fevered pitch
Feelin' love tonight

Picks the guitar strings
Eddie's power fills the air
Juices up the crowd

Youths game is lacking
Maturity's confidence
Fight to reach the top

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