Saturday, October 18, 2008


Another week slips by. At a friends request, I've purchased tickets to fly into Portland, OR to meet two buddies in early December for a "reunion" of sorts. It's been over six years since the three of us have gotten together. There's a question as to how long we will have such an opportunity because both buddies have/had cancer. A decision was made that its now or perhaps never. I tacked on a couple extra days to the trip with the intent of skiing at Crystal Mountain in WA adjoining Mt. Rainier. If that happens, I MUST do a deep forest concert in Randal WA where I first heard of Van Halen, the deep bass booming from a Trans Am stereo, the opening sound of Runnin' With The Devil.

This night I decided to go to the beginning of the 2007 tour, their opening night on September 27th at the Bobcats Arena in Charlotte NC. The sound quality of this bootleg recording was very good to begin with but was subsequently remastered to make it excellent. Everyone was performing at their best for an appreciative audience. Dave sounded just like himself straight out of 1984. I rocked the night away on the prairie, dropping in bed in a darkened house shortly after midnight.

Turbulence filled screen
Yields a moment of silence
Faces of the dead

Another long week
The garbage is tossed around
The candidates preach

Week comes to an end
Fills the flask, picks a cigar
The music's calling

Across the empty gap
A face of gray dusty plains
A bright moon watching

A sound so unique
Unties his soul from the mast
Eddie's siren song

Waiting for so long
Twenty two years of silence
Explodes up on the stage

Quivering dark shape
Opposite the rising moon
Dance with my shadow

Ego and style
Dave prances across the stage
What we both wanted

No one there at home
Acts like there's no tomorrow
Runs with the Devil

He's so fucked up
Sent into the stratosphere
Launched by Ed's six strings

Dead embers in hand
The tequila is now gone
Flys over the edge

Grips the steering wheel
His mind's neither here nor there
Reality blurred

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