Saturday, October 25, 2008


Another week zips by as we rocket to the end of the year. Saw the physical therapist and he ran my shoulder through some painful moves, but it sure feels good afterwards. We are continuing to make progress, although the shoulder is beginning to ache every now and then, making me wonder if the injection from over two months ago is wearing off.

A Basin and Lovelend have already gotten some powder days. I've chosen not to go up this early in the season because skiing one or two runs is just not worth the expense. If I find the time, I'll tune up and wax the skis in the garage to prepare for the first day of my ski season.

Some of you are familiar with this message:

"Sorry, you are not permitted to use this board"

I dedicate the following to those of you who run that exclusive club:

Pledged loyalty spurned
Cast out by false prophets
The believer triumphs

Freedom is captured
Hoard their labeled specimens
Nights spent counting beats

Prison door unlocked
Their treasure stands unsecured
Thief steals from thieves

Locked in their clutches
Key to the dark cell is found
Set the music free!

Hey, how else to celebrate Friday night on October 24, 2008 than with Van Halen's show from October 26, 2007? That will be the pattern for the remainder of the "tour": if one of the 2007/2008 shows I have in my collection coincides on or very near the same day one year later, that's the concert that gets blasted on the truck stereo if it happens to be a Friday or Saturday night.

Almost exactly a year ago to the day Van Halen played at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, MO. A good quality recording, although Dave's voice did not come through as loud and clear as I would have preferred. In a way I feel sorry for the folks in Kansas City that night because I got the distinct impression that the boys were simply hustling through the set list in a very business-like fashion. No rapping with the audience during or in between songs. No megaphone harmonica intro, Dave plays just a few notes before they rip into "Somebody Get Me A Doctor". Although Dave tries his best, the whole show seems somewhat sterile. That may explain why at the end of the concert the taper or one of his buddies remarks that it was one of the worst shows he's been to. Rumor had it that Dave was not feeling well about this time and/or Eddie was drinking again, explaining the mediocre performance by both of them. It is interesting to note that the band cancelled their next concert in St. Louis, MO on the 28th, lending some truth to the rumors. I didn't let any of this interfere with my usual concert on the prairie experience, as I "danced the night away."

Stands with eyes closed
All thought is on the music
World between his ears

Egos in conflict
Marriage of convenience
Beautiful music

Band gets together
Are lost for so many years
Brothers reunited

Run through the set list
Play what the audience wants
All about business

To the precipice
The promise of musics flight
Pushed by Eddie's hand

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