Saturday, October 11, 2008


Winter is making its entrance! The weather for this nights concert was cold, damp and under a cloudy sky. Wet weather predicted for the weekend, including the possibility of snow on Sunday. Time to stack some of the new cut firewood on the back deck!

I've begun the process of making decisions regarding what ski passes/discount cards I'd like to get this winter. Many to choose from. Aspen 4-pack for sure. I picked up a discount card to Loveland. Whether I get another 4-pack or two to some other ski areas remains to be seen. I may cut back on the skiing, or double up the weekends because the cost of fuel and lift tickets makes a day on the slopes a costly affair.

The music has had a year to age and the time has come to drink its sweet nectar! The Van Halen 2007-2008 Tour began on September 27, 2007 in Charlotte, NC. In celebration of the reunion and the fun I had during their North American tour, I pulled out their October 10, 2007 Cleveland,OH show at the Quicken Loans Arena (don't you love the corporate names of all these areas/stadiums/amphitheaters?!). A good bootleg recording that exemplifies most, if not all shows during the tour. Dave sang well, perhaps even better than shows during the 1984 tour, probably because he was genuinely glad to be back with the boys and was really trying to do his best for them and and the audience. He's back, rappin' with the crowd! Eddie played a bit slower and with less flourish when compared to the bootlegs from 1998 and earlier. But its still delicious to the ears! Alex keeps the beat while Wolfgang remains largely hidden in the background, in the shadows behind Dave and Eddie, just like Michael was. But it was a good show and I was rocking throughout it, bringing back memories of the four shows I attended during that tour. More to come!
I typically write these the day after the outdoor concert. Lately I'm noticing that its difficult to impossible to read my haikus that I've scribbled down on bits of paper during the show. It looked fine the night before while under the influence!

A year to the day
Arena long grown silent
But not in his head

Friday night party
Always playing for the crowd
Our spirits unchained

Invades his bloodstream
Powered by the loud music
Self induced coma

Does it every time
Aims with his six string guitar
Eddie hits the mark

Eddie plays his song
He sends our spirits soring
The flask has run dry

Alcohol's stiff fumes
The concert comes to an end
Grips the steering wheel

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