Monday, January 19, 2009


And now for something completely different. My daughter and I went to see a sold out performance of The Killers live at the Magnus Area here in Denver on Saturday January 17th.

Neither one of us were disappointed. M83 warmed up the crowd with their synth rock sound. The Killers followed, opening up with a number of songs off their new album, followed by one hit after another from their earlier albums. Not a dud song in their set-list. Lots of energy and enthusiasm from the band and audience. Their anthemic choruses are designed for the live setting with a willing crowd being brought along for the ride. I left the gig wanting more!

Dinner beforehand at Pete's Cafe. A trip to my private suite at the arena allowed me to mix up some hard lemonade that kept me fueled for the entire show! Could have bought Killers underwear, but $25 was a bit too pricey. Good seats on stage right allowed us to look down on the action. No difficulty getting home that evening although I was prepared to sleep in the back of the truck if necessary. Nothing would have been able to prepared my daughter for that experience. Click on the photos for enlargements.

Download their show in Glastonbury UK on the 23rd of June 2007, a BBC digital TV broadcast:

Monday being a holiday, Sunday night was spent with Van Halen at the Fairgrounds in Oklahoma City, OK during an afternoon concert (The Oklahoma Jam) on July 15, 1978. A classic set list from that year, the boys all fired up. Very good quality soundboard recording (ie:low audience noise). Dave has some cool raps between the songs, particularly enjoying being outside in the Oklahoma sunshine. Sounds like the party happened inside their trailer just before the show.

Raw, high energy sound, but very different compared to the refined technique of someone like The Killers. Rock has definitely evolved. Both are damn good. Both get the audience up on their feet.

Rock and Roll era
The Kings pass their crown around
New bands on the block

Their beat captivates
Many have stood on the stage
Fills our heads with rhyme

The band really rocks
Diamond Dave thinks he's the lead
But Eddie's guitar sings

Turn up the volume
Because Eddie's on the stage
Guitar rips the air

Wowed the audience
On talent's high pedestal
Man becomes legend

Rose to the stars
Joins the ranks of our heroes
Then is forgotten

Thirty years gone by
Rise and fall unchallenged
Eddie's still the king


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post and the great story. I have two sons who are still young and can't wait till I can take them to a concert.
Cheers mate and well done on your poetry to. I am school teacher and have used one of yours to assist the students with an example.

volcano man said...

Thanks for the compliment Simon. Glad to see that others enjoy the haiku as much as enjoy writing them.

V Man