Saturday, January 10, 2009


Day two of a typical hut trip consists of a lavish breakfast, skiing, lunch back at the hut, more skiing and a lavish dinner. I eat better on these hut trips than I do at home! Breakfast was my designated meal so I was busy this Thursday morning. Snow was coming down lightly all day long.

Powder skiing was available just outside our front door. Skin up the hill to the west of us, turn around and carve sweet turns in the foot plus deep powder. We also ascended the ridge south of us, on top of which the wind was howling and blowing snow in our faces. Carved turns as we descended, heading to the trees on the slope east of us where we found two feet plus deep powder. Look down and see your knees bulldozing a huge pile of snow before you! It was so deep that making turns would cause one to slow down and possibly come to a stop. One individual in another party said that he's been coming here over the years and this is the best he's every seen it! Perfect timing!

A delicious dinner of fresh salad, salmon chowder, bread and cheesecake! Feeling good again, I was prepared for a the traditional evening of music, tequila and a cigar. I bundled up and headed to the front deck where I had a view through the trees up to the ridge line. The sky had cleared somewhat, the moon and a few star trying to shine through high clouds. Clear skies brought frigid temperatures.

Coming down the trail
Young snow goddess on snowshoes
Freckles on her face

Billions of snowflakes
Fall from the cold mountain sky
Blanket the landscape

Trees that point skyward
Rise through a moonlit snow scape
Black against the night

Catches the last light
Mountains begin to grow dim
Clouds turn bright orange

Caressed by high clouds
Luminous pearl of the night
Feels the cold night air

Tonight's show had Gary Cherone as lead vocalist of Van Halen. It took place on October 24, 1998 at the Rainbow Hall before an enthusiastic crowd in Nagoya, Japan. Another excellent audience recording of a show near the very end of the Van Halen III tour. Here are a few things the Van Halen Bootleg Discography says about this show:

The show begins with with a fade-in of the Aerosmith tune "Train Kept-a Rollin'" before the announcer asks "Nagoya Japan! Good Evening, are you ready Nagoya? Will please you welcome from Los Angeles...the mighty... Van Halen!!!" They open with a very thunderous version of "Unchained". You can feel the energy emit from the speakers.

The title of this disc is odd, and the reason why is because of this: At exactly :53 seconds into Track 5, "When It's Love", the band runs into sound problems, and it quickly escalates into a more serious one. At 1:10 they stop altogether, as the audio problem gets to be too much to continue the song. Feedback of major proportions overpowers everything and forces the band to stop. You can hear Gary and someone else talking, presumably Ed, but it's unclear what they're saying. Gary then turns to the audience and says, "Tsk, Tsk...What do you think happened?", hence the title. The crowd gets a big laugh out of that. Ed then says, "That's *not* the special effect that was planned." Gary asks everyone if they would like for them to keep on playing, and is met with enthusiastic yells of "YES!!!" He turns and tells someone, not sure who, "Don't let it happen again!" in a playful manner. The crowd laughs once again. In between all this hoopla you hear the crown yelling "Eddie!! Eddie!!" "Okay, we'll try this one again", says Gary and off they go to launch into "When It's Love" once more.

Mike says the same thing he said the previous night in Osaka prior to starting "Somebody Get Me A Doctor", "Nagoya! Let's see if we fuckin' rock!" At the end of the tune, Ed yells out "MIKEY!!!" and Gary yells out "Somebody give that boy a shot of sake!"

"Once again Nagoya, you've been a very beautiful audience tonight", Gary says as they intro "Panama" with the Everybody Wants Some" teaser. Judging by the amount of shouting and hollering, "Panama" is the crowd favorite and enjoys the evening's biggest response.

There were some hardcore Van Halen fans in the audience that night, evidenced by the excitement at the beginning of each song and all the hollering throughout the entire show.
Dave shares his exploits
Sammy talks to his people
Gary just performs

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