Saturday, January 17, 2009


The week starts off by attending a memorial service and giving a departing eulogy for a friend and coworker who had passed away the week before. I had the opportunity to meet her whole family who had come from outside Colorado and let them know what a great person I had an opportunity to work with and all the good she had done. It snowed that morning and the traffic was horrible, barely making it to the church on time. I was in a somber mood for the remainder of the week, finding it somewhat difficult to become motivated to get down to business. It's not a pleasant experience cleaning out a persons office and throwing away or boxing 10 years of someones life.

Another week slips by and I have nothing to show for it. I have high hopes for this weekend to get a few things done, possibly even get in a day of skiing. The Killers appear at the Magness Arena here in Denver tonight!! The only question that remains is how much will I be drinking tonight and will my daughter and I be sleeping it off in the truck out in the parking lot!

There in the folders
A life written on paper
Run through the shredder

In the empty desk
Find a card with her picture
Stares out from the past

Lost another friend
Watch them depart, one by one
Party nears an end

Friday night and it's party time! I originally pulled several early VH selections, but then at the last minute I had an itch for a 2004 show. Tonight's concert had Van Halen playing at the Worcester Centrum Center in Worcester, MA on June 19, 2004. Very good audience recording, very good show, during which Eddie appeared to be sober. During the performance of "316" I noticed that two guitars were playing, learning this morning that Eddie's young son Wolfgang came out and joined him on stage with his own stripped guitar. This is what the Van Halen Encyclopedia says about that tune:

This song derived its name from the birthday of Wolfgang William Van Halen, son of Eddie and Valerie, born 3/16/91. During Valerie's pregnancy Ed would lay a guitar next to her stomach and play this song, which had a calming effect on the then-unborn Wolfgang.

What was most unusual about this show was that the very enthusiastic audience managed to coax the band out for two encores. Speaking of the audience, I felt as though I was standing amongst a bunch of friends listening in on their conversations all around me.

Lion rears its head
Creeps up behind the Hunter
Who fights the red-eyed Bull

With every download
Catch the spirit of the night
Party never ends

Stands with his eyes closed
But see them up on the stage
Watch through Ed's fingers

Calling out his name
Loyal fans stroking his ego
Gives them an encore

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