Saturday, January 31, 2009


A week of fire drills, frustrations, questioning what I'm doing, administrative boredom, planning and more goodbyes. The only bright spot is reading a book written by an individual sharing his experience circumnavigating Lake Superior by kayak. This is preparation for a family vacation I'm planning to take this coming summer. I was ready to let loose by the time Friday night rolled around.

I drove out to my prarie parking spot under the starry sky just as the crescant moon was setting behind the Rocky Mountains. The concert chosen was Van Halen's show at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas on January 26, 2008, almost exactly a year ago. A good audience recording, although the sound mix was a little muddy. I suppose if I had the time I could EQ it to make the recording sound a little bit better, but who has the time?

This show took place on Eddie's 53rd birthday. The title of this show refers to a line said by Dave at the beginning of "Romeo Delight". Wolfie tells the crowd to sing Happy Birthday, then Dave replies "Shut your fucking mouth Wolfie and play the song." Halfway through "Romeo Delight" Dave and the crowd sang Happy Birthday, to which Eddie replied "Im sure you're all having a great mother fucking time here". Dave rightfully acknowledges that his rendition of the birthday song was out of key before launching into "Magic Bus".

Download it here:

Stone mausoleums
Facades that house said leaders
Their floors ring hollow

New moon emerges
A pencil thin cusp of light
Hangs in orange sky

Night sky's pocked gray stone
Billions of years to have grown cold
Reflects suns warm light

Pale Queen of the night
Slips behind mountains curtin
Alone with the stars

There before our eyes
Lost in the interference
Land once called Eden

Parking lot is full
A recession proof product
Liquor store's profit

Truck stereo maxed
Their music fills the praire
Amplifer burns

It's David's solo
Sings into the cold night air
Coyotes howl nearby

Poison in his veins
Lost in the music's vortex
Leaves the world behind

What we've waited for
A performance so unique
Eddie takes the stage

Visceral message
Loud poems masked in the music
Crowd sways to the words

Reach the late night's end
Nothing but double vision
Shakes the empty flask

Van Halen put me high up on the crest of the wave and I was not ready to quit. So I pulled out the short (incomplete?) song set of The Killers who played at the Reading Festival in London on August 23, 2008. The tequila was gone, the music was over and it was time to go home. In bed sometime after midnight.

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