Sunday, June 27, 2010


This is a far departure!

Someone two or three weeks ago provided me with a YouTube link to a clip from a concert with 26 year old French pop star artist Alizee (see below). WOW, hot stuff!

"She's a beautiful dancer...renowned for her accuracy, flexibility and grace...and yet, you probably only know her as a chart-topping singing sensation."

"Alizee is not one of the world's most successful singers but she also has roots in dancing, her first love and near-profession.Although Alizee became an overnight singing sensation by chance and bad luck, she clearly took her early success as a sign from above and took on the challenge of becoming an international pop sensation."

"Alizee's first album, "Gourmandises" (portraying Alizee as a young, beautiful and romantic young singer), released in 2000 was a smash hit in France that flew off the shelves like birds on street disturbed by cars, and opened the doors for the immense success of her second album, "Mes Courants Electriques"(although the album was not nearly as successful as her first) in 2003 and her live album "Alizee in Concert" in 2004."

I ordered her second album and downloaded her first. I've been listening to it occasionally on the way to/from work. What a sweet voice. Yeah, yeah, yeah, its probably not the voice, more likely hormones/pheromones. Regardless, I like it and so on this Friday night I listened to her second album Mes Courants Electriques outside, enjoying a cigar in the warm summer evening. I'm smitten!

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