Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Saturday and Sunday were spent ripping the siding off one wall, wrapping it in a vapor barrier and installing three new windows. A slow process, especially when I'm not that psyched to do it. Its become work. I put the new siding on and begin the process of building the doorway on the other wall next weekend. That's going to be tricky considering I have to move two live wires through that section of wall and enlarge the opening by removing one wall stud.

Saturday night was spent with both Muse and The Bunnymen. We started with Muse performing live at Wembley Stadium in London on June 16, 2007, their HAARP CD/DVD. Almost exactly three years ago to the day. I'm saving the DVD for another evening. Out on the prairie I cranked it up and enjoyed their big stadium quality sound under the starry sky.

On June 23, 2007 NME.org said:

Muse have played the biggest gig of their lives tonight (June 16) at Wembley Stadium in north London.

The band marked their first night at the giant venue (they play again on June 17) with an epic two hour performance.

With the stage decorated with giant satellite dishes, futuristic antennas, giant white balls and thousands of dazzling lights the band's set was equal to the stadium's impressive setting.

Surprising the expectant audience, the band emerged in the middle of the crowd in a fountain of glitter before walking along an extended catwalk to the stage and kicking off the show with triumphant opener 'Knights Of Cydonia'.

Playing in front of a giant screen which mixed stage shots with pre-prepared video clips, plus frontman Matt Bellamy and bassist Chris Wolstenholme roaming the vast stage, occasionally performing from special ramped-up areas on either side, Muse worked hard to engage the vast audience.

Only memories
Turning towards the hopeful past
Slowly forgotten

Muse was followed by a classic performance of Echo & The Bunnymen, a live performance in St. Georges Hall in Liverpool on May 12, 1984. This was a special show considering I stood on the steps of this imposing building to smoke cigars while in that city last December. In the recording you can hear the music echoing off the stone interior walls of this building. Great show and an excellent recording.

Rises to the top
Tosses off the Royal crown
Left with paupers clothes

Poets music played
Echos through marbled halls
Never to be played

Paint that flowed so smooth
Loud cartoons mouths are speaking
Slaps him in the face

The daily countdown
A nations sins on display
Tired of the news

Water boiling black
Watch it bubbling over
Fumble for the switch

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