Sunday, June 27, 2010


Another trip to Mutiny Now yields a few more acquisitions. I love the images and the bold statements but they are being noticed by the family. The paintings have even been called "evil." I guess not everyone has good taste in art like me! On the back of one Jack wrote "Thanx again for understanding the sickness we have. We are 2 different chapters from the same book. Thanx." My daughter likes the "trash" painting because she thinks it looks like her, right down the the accessory skull.

The weekend was once again spent on the roof of the house, siding the one wall I installed the windows in the previous week. This is the easy part of the job having done this countless weekends for two summers. Sunday evening found me perched on the roof of the room I was siding, having a cigar and enjoying the sunset. The only good thing about this work is that it is outside in the fresh air with nice views all around, although the sun can be a scorcher in the afternoon.

Saturday night on the prairie, warm and pleasant with the lights of Denver on the horizon to the northwest. First up was Weezer live At The Pepsi Arena in Albany, NY on February 17, 2002, great recording of their classic tunes with a few thrown in from the yet to be released fourth album, Maladroit. Great recording that got the night off to a good start.

Ian McCulloch stepped up to the plate next with his live performance at the Black Session in Studio 104 before a French audience on October 3, 1992. Translation was required and the interview dragged in between songs, with Ian going off on tangents for lack of meaningful questioning. This was half a year after he released Mysterio, his second solo album since his departure from The Bunnymen in 1989. Another excellent performance and recording.

Not wanting to stop, I pulled out my recording of the Bunnymen's Sunday night December 19, 2009 Liverpool show. It definitely brought back some memories, their great performance and the enthusiastic crowd around me. Unfortunately it was this show that while checking input levels on the audio recorder my fumbling fingers accidentally paused the recording in the middle of Begbugs and Ballyhoo. It's terrible to get into the groove of the show only to have it cut off in mid stream.

Must have gotten home and into bed around 1 AM.

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