Saturday, June 19, 2010


Last weekend the clouds parted long enough to allow the kids and I to go to the Parker Days Festival and enjoy some of the rides. The 2 days of rain turned the site of the carnival into a field of mud. On the positive side, it was comfortably cool and there were few people, making lines short. I really am getting old because some of the rides, those that lock me tightly into a seat or cage are beginning to freak me out. Thank god for sunglasses to hide the fact I've got my eyes closed!

I stopped by the Mutiny Now Art Gallery and Bookstore on Friday over the lunch hour. How can I resist the temptation of Jack's paintings? I walked away with 3 more. All are hanging in a once barren hallway of the house, the paintings really brightening it up. The kids don't seem to know what to think of them and the wife hates them.

More about the bookstore and the man behind it:

"I stumbled across Mutiny Now Art, Books and Coffee here in Denver about a month after I’d arrived. Its storefront perched innocuously on the corner of Broadway and Ellsworth, I floated in when I had some time to kill prior to a blind date at Michelangelo’s across the street. There behind the counter, a man with a salt-and-pepper pompadour and Buddy Holly glasses smiled at me and said “welcome.” I’ve felt welcome there ever since."

"Meet the man behind the glasses: Jack Jensen. Proprietor, artist and admitted asshole. (On the latter, I beg to differ.) Mutiny Now is a Denver gem: used books across the broadest spectrum you could imagine, classic vinyl and walls lined with thought-provoking eye candy. From admitted bibliophiles to ardent devotees of the bodice-ripper genre, Jack Jensen’s built an artistic empire with something for everyone. Well, almost everyone."

"If you’re looking for the latest Oprah’s Book Club selection – fuck off. Save that treasure A Million Little Pieces (which he proudly displays with the Oprah sticker on the cover on a storefront display when he can wrangle a copy – a disc-shaped middle finger to the icon’s discerning taste in literature). Popular fiction is a rare find at Mutiny Now."

"Instead, what you will find is a treasure trove of art in words nestled amongst a coffee bar (with sub-*bucks pricing) and an eclectic assortment of pop art that beckons your glance from walls on all sides."

Friday night was very pleasant outside, a cigar and music beckoning me to crank it up on the truck stereo. I picked a compilation I made by taking a 3 part Electrafixion singles CD set and burning them onto a single CD. 10 songs from that great sounding era of different style of "Bunnymen" music by the bands principal artists, Ian and Will. I finished off the night by listening to Vampire Weekend's Contra album. I did not expect to stay up so late, in bed sometime shortly after midnight.

Their haloed hero
Is an angel in their eyes
Falling from the sky

One more year has passed
Familiar stars rotate by
Frightens the young mind

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