Sunday, February 20, 2011


A week earlier I was checking the upcoming shows in Westword and noticed a concert sheduled for Saturday night with Guttermouth. I watched a video of theirs on YouTube and decided then and there to go, because I liked the sound and wanted to continue testing the recording gear. A cheap ticket was waiting for me at will call.

I arrived at the Marquis Theater shortly before the first act took the stage in this small venue. I chose to park myself behind the mosh pit where a dozen or two people were flailing around violently on the floor before the stage all evening long.

The lineup was Crooked Ways, No Bueno!, Boldtype and finally Guttermouth. I thought the Denver band Boldtype put on a great show and was as good as Guttermouth, with Mike the lead singer wearing a maniacal grin on his face while on stage. All were loud, high energy acts.

"Guttermouth is an American punk rock band formed in 1989 in Huntington Beach, California. They have released nine full-length studio albums and two live albums and have toured extensively, including performances on the Vans Warped Tour. They are infamous for their outrageous lyrics and behavior which are deliberately explicit, offensive and intended to shock, though usually in a humorous and sarcastic manner. This behavior has sometimes resulted in high-profile problems for the band, such as being banned from performing in Canada for several years due to onstage nudity, and leaving the 2004 Warped Tour amidst controversy over their political views and attitudes towards other performers."

The act of recording shows never ceases to amaze me, with new challenges presented each time. No problem getting the gear in. The problem was in getting the equipment to function properly. About 25 minutes into the act I noticed that I was experiencing microphone problems, resulting in needing to stop and start the recorder. Then I get home and find out this first half of the recording is corrupt and unreadable by the software I have. This kind of stuff always creates uncertainty, causing me to have to check the gear more often when recording, an act that itself yields opportunities for operator error. This only means another show must be attended for the purpose of checking the gear and ensuring flawless performance, all in anticipation of capturing the Bunnymen this coming May.

The second half came out fine and is available for your listening pleasure.

The following photos are from some other gig that capture the wild scene at these shows.


n.m. said...

Looks like a good show!
The English Beat will be in town, Tues. March 22 at a new-ish club downtown.
I can't wait!!!!

volcano man said...

Lets do it!