Sunday, February 27, 2011


I found enough time late Friday night to spend 2 hours with Johnny and Public Image Limited who performed a live show at the Oxford O2 Academy on July 21, 2010. An excellent recording, Johnny being himself onstage, the band doing a superb job playing their hypnotic sound. During "Albatross" John took a swipe at both Malcolm and Wobble:
"Malcolm ran away. Never forget this. Wobble ran away. Never forget this. You see, the pair of them, they want the money."
Maclolm was the manager for the Sex Pistols and John harbors a lasting dislike of him because of the way the band was treated. Jah Wobble, original bass player with Public Image in the late 1970s and early 1980s, but left the band after two years. he grew increasingly frustrated by the lacklustre creative atmosphere in the band, which he felt stifled his artistic ambitions and PiL's creative potential. According to Wikipedia: "Besides differences in artistic vision, further conflicts were brought on in part by heavy drug and alcohol abuse in the band. Wobble then went on to recording and releasing his debut album The Legend Lives on - Jah Wobble in Betrayal, and found himself accused by other PiL members of having made unauthorised use of material from Metal Box for the making of Betrayal."

In bed by 2AM.

The Oxford Times reviewed this show:

Onstage in the Academy, Lydon remains as outspoken as ever, baiting the crowd throughout and even starting the set by saying “Hello poor people . . . don’t worry, I’m still one of you.” This isn’t true of course; most of us would have settled for an easy life after the Pistols; only one-offs like Lydon have the courage to form a band like PiL. Both he and PiL are certainly worth celebrating.

Read it all here:

Passes through nights dream
Tells me its time to wake up
Voice from long ago

In that lonely room
Pushed to the minds outer edge
Falls to her release

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