Sunday, February 27, 2011


Having just received in the mail a second digital audio recorder, I was anxious to take it out for a road test to determine its ease of use and recording quality. Somewhat on the spur of the moment, I purchased a ticket online Saturday afternoon for a show that evening at the Gothic Theater. The draw were The Epilogues who's performance I liked when I first saw them at the Mile High Music Festival this past summer (see

The Epilogues were the headliners and were performing with OH No Not Stereo, The Photo Atlas, Della, Mr. Right.

The Epilogues are a local band that is gaining significant attention in the Denver music scene these last couple years. Their combination of synth, guitar riffs, and dance beats has achieved and surpassed their goal of a new, different style that is just as good as it is separate. I would not be surprised if they take off and become part of the national music scene.

Oh No Not Stereo is a high-energy melodic rock band from Los Angeles, California that have been around since 2003.

The Photo Atlas are a dance punk outfit originating from Denver. The show this evening really got going when they took the stage and set the air on fire with their loud sound.

Della is a Denver-based five piece Alternative / Pop / Rock band.

The evening started with Mr. Right, a three-piece band from Denver, Colorado made up of identical twin brothers and a childhood friend from kindergarten. The band was formed in 2008 when the three friends moved in together to go to school and has since recorded two, four-track EP’s and has been playing shows in northern Colorado ever since.

I have no complaints with the SONY PCM-M10. Easy to use, yielding equal quality recordings to the Edirol R-09HR.

Download the good audience recording here:


Anonymous said...

That Go4 CD you gave me today is fantastic! Many earlier versions of songs that I've listened to for many years, which makes it fun and interesting. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Randomly just found this blog, and I was at this show! The pics you took are fantastic...although I'm surprised that the band Della that played with the Epilogue's got such a brief mention and no pictures! I was taken by surprise by this band at this show - I thought they were the best band of the night and actually drew a larger crowd than the E's. kick ass!

volcano man said...

Thanks for the compliments. There definately was good music from other bands that evening, but I typically record the show of the headliners, and generally shoot photos only of the bands I record. To save battery power and not run out of memory, as I learned the hard way one time!