Saturday, March 5, 2011


Jack Jensen surprised me with the first of three commissioned pieces. He's been very prolific lately with many paintings hanging on the walls of his Broadway bookstore. No, "blieve" is not misspelled, taken directly from the way a blues singer sang it on the CD he was listening to as he painted it. While I was there another customer who was picking up a painting he purchased was admiring this new creation, so new that strong paint vapors are still coming off of it.

Another week has flown by and March has begun. The pleasant weather we've been having lately and the longer days has everyone itching for spring. Don't worry people, it will arrive soon enough. It's disturbing seeing it all fly by so quickly.

I had to replace the battery in the truck last Sunday because playing my music for an hour or more would drain it to the point where the engine would not turn over. That happened twice last weekend, having to release the break, roll down the hill and pop the clutch to get it going again. Buying a new battery is much cheaper than getting stranded somewhere I don't want to be, as has happened in the past.

First up this Friday evening was Public Image Limited, several studio recordings. They include:

December 17, 1979 Peel Sessions
Death Disco 12 inch single
PIL 1987 Remixes single
Rise 12 inch single

An interesting collection of songs done in a different way from the official release. It definitely got me going, setting me up for act 2.

This music selection of singles is found on pilheads site:

Nirvana took the stage next, performing at Raji's in Hollywood, CA on February 15, 1990. This particular recording is a JWB REMASTER and therefore is a high quality recording that sounds great. Lot of audience noise, lending to the atmosphere of "being there."

Download the flac recording from QualityBootz:

I believe an mp3 version of the same show can be found here:

Echo & The Bunnymen were the last to take the stage, performing on April 25, 1985 at the Göteborg Kåren in Sweden, the show being broadcast on FM radio. Excellent sound. It took me where I wanted to go.

I dropped back to Earth at around 1:30 AM.

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Very nice Bunnymen Post!!!!!!!!!!!! and nice pictures too! A great concert indeed.