Sunday, March 13, 2011


What an interesting week, especially if you are a geologist like me. On Monday I learned that there was renewed volcanic activity along the East Rift Zone on the flank of Kilauea volcano in Hawaii. The floor of Pu`u `Ō `ō crater collapsed due to magma withdrawal, changing the underground plumbing, sending fountains of lava up through a propagating fissure. I was ready to jump on an airplane and head for the big island, with the intent of hiking illegally into the active area to witness the fountaining of lava: I checked out the airfare and pulled up maps and air photos to scout a way in. But reason prevailed, mostly because I had a couple of important meetings planned at work that I could not afford to miss. Drinking water would have been a problem since there would be none, any rain draining immediately into the cinders and fractured lava rock. Three days after it began the fountaining ceased.

See it all here:

Then later in the week the world received news of the devastating earthquake in Japan, a monster 9.0 on the Richter scale. The quake was bad enough but the tsunami that followed is what caused all the massive death and destruction. The videos posted online were breathtaking to watch as they swept everything in their path. This is then followed the threat of nuclear meltdown as the cooling system failed at several reactors. The story is still unfolding.

Some of the best wave videos yet:

Then on top of all that Shinmoedake Volcano in Japan began erupting again on Sunday!

The Earth cracks in half
Waves of pain come crashing down
God help the people

There on the TV
Relaxed in our living rooms
Pain and suffering

Also this week we have a new guest in the house, a Pomeranian puppy belonging to the family of our daughters boyfriend, visiting with us until their other dogs recover from illness. A very cute and friendly fuzz ball. House trained? HA!

Saturday night found me standing outside behind the house, truck parked in the trees, stereo cranked. I warmed up with a second set of remixed Public Image Limited songs, a collection of singles assembled by pilhead that I downloaded from his website.

Two full length shows this evening. The Gang of Four were the first to take the stage, performing somewhere in the UK in 1979, an English post-punk group from Leeds. Excellent soundboard recording. Singer Jon King at one time scolded the audience for being spat at, not unlike what happened routinely during Sex Pistol concerts, John Lydon covered in gobbers. A thoroughly enjoyable show that made me yearn for more.

Download it here:

What I was really waiting for this evening was The Pretenders performing before thousands at the US Festival in Glen Hellen Park in San Bernadino, CA between 3:00 ans 4:10 on the afternoon of May 30, 1983. Another excellent soundboard recording of a great show when they were at the top of their game. Chrissie Hynde forgot the words to the beginning of "Talk of the Town," but then performed flawlessly thereafter. The same thing happened to David Lee Roth of Van Halen when they headlined "Heavy Metal" day the night before. Had to be all the drinking! Just like I was this evening. I should never bring the bottle outside with me on these jaunts into the ozone.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you dropped in volcano man! For the non-English-English speakers amongst your readers, the text of the unique version of It's Her Factory with radically different lyrics reflecting the spitting and generally hostile reception the group was getting that night :

Gang Of Four 79.00.00 UK - It's Her Factory lyrics

(Audience shout: "Wankers")

Well, one or two people
Seem to have only two fingers
I expect they lost the other three wanking

Keep calling us wankers
They might know a lot about it
What have we done?
Is it not hip to like us?

Ah, that's very modern

Let's spit at the group
Show how modern we are, yeah ..
Ooo, look, I got him in the face
What a shot .. what a shit

There are always clever people

One such clever person we met
In a big Chinese restaurant
Nearly as clever as him
This bloke was a comedian
Nearly as funny as him

He told nasty jokes about
Ladies with no clothes on
About black people
About homosexual people

He thought he was funny
They think they're funny

That's all".

Find this and much more Gang of Four at my megapost here (and don't forget to check the comments for further downloads), cheers Dave Sez.