Saturday, March 19, 2011


A frustrating week at work, with much of my time and attention focused on an issue that is keeping me away from day to day activities, causing me to fall farther behind. However, lunch hour on St. Patrick's Day was spent with friends from the office, celebrating a pair of March birthdays. Always a fun experience, giving me the opportunity to find and present some interesting yet odd, discussion provoking gifts.

The tragedy continues to unfold in Japan while we begin an air war in Libya, the outcome of which is uncertain.

Almost exactly one year ago today I saw Vampire Weekend perform a great show at the Ogden Theater. It was recorded and I decided to pull it out and play it this evening under a nearly full moon. A really good set list of their best songs, this being an excellent audience recording. I could shut my eyes and feel like I was back there again standing before the stage.

Brittle rock slipping
Radiating waves of pain
Earth takes no notice

Burning deep within
Frightened by the prognosis
Facing eternity

Find the show and more pictures here:

Next up was Echo & The Bunnymen, performing live at The Savoy in New York on March 31, 1984, almost exactly 27 years ago. What was I doing back then? Good question. There is a possibility I was doing a self potential survey on the prairie south of Dodge City in Kansas, freezing my ass off. An excellent recording.

In bed by 1 AM.

Wanting certainty
While they're living in a world
so ephemeral

Snow on the pine trees
Bearing its unseen poison
Falling from the sky

Waiting for their words
From long silent cities where
no one is calling

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