Sunday, March 27, 2011


I was not feeling 100% this evening but I loaded the truck up anyway and drove west into the mountains. Nor was I enthusiastic about drinking heavily after having attended two concerts earlier in the week. So it was a rather subdued night in the Loveland ski area parking lot with the stereo cranked, snow coming down the whole time. A lone coyote would periodically show up, sniffing the ground, hoping to find some scrap of food that a skier had dropped in the parking lot earlier in the day. A fantastic day skiing the following day, six to 12 inches of new powder, depending on which slope you were on.

Nine more young men dead
In a far off dusty land
We’ve forgotten why

God-like egos rule
Weilds inordinate power
Sends them to their graves

Watched the suffering
Bombs answer their cries for help
False promise of peace

US citizens
Business pushes for their
immigrant status

Devout and faithful
Spending all their time praying
In an empty room

This evening Public Image Limited performed for me at the Nagoya City Hall in Tokyo, Japan on January 12, 1985. Excellent sounding recording. This gig features the underrated 1984 'This is what you want...' Lydon/Atkins/Bruni/Helm/Shultz line-up, described as a "rocky" group that played a "metal funk" sound. It's a very good gig, and a great set, similar to what they were playing in 1983 except for some newer material plus 'Bodies'.

Early in the show Johnny says "Thank you. No more show. We're going home now. We're tired." To which A Japanese person in the audience shouts out "I don't know what you said"

Costly conflicts price
Has drained the nations coffers
Give away our crown

Highly indebted
Sold off at the checkout line
To our enemy

Receive the grim news
"Nine children have been killed"
Mounting hatred grows

I got this show from pilhead. Visit his site and get it here:

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