Thursday, February 3, 2011


Jack Jensen’s bad brew
Walt drinks deeply, starts to see
Thousand points of light

Loaded all my ski gear in the truck and drove out of town on a snowy night, planning to meet the guys Tuesday morning for the second hut trip for the season. Janet's Hut near Copper Mountain ski area. This is close to my favorite turnoff just below Fremont Pass, a secluded location surrounded by mountains, trees and six foot high snowbanks. The lights from the occasional vehicle that drove by on the adjoining highway never reached me. Time for some music, a party on the pass!

First up was a collection of acoustic songs by Glen Matlock, an English bass guitarist most famous for being in the original line-up of the punk rock band Sex Pistols. Drummer Paul Cook has said that Matlock came up with much of the music for the band's songs, while lead singer Johnny Rotten came up with the lyrics. A great collection of rocking songs!

"Matlock’s acoustic show proves that music doesn’t have to be vicious to be punk. Making a point about punk aesthetic in an interview with Max Chambers, he points out that, “People talk about punk as a musical style, but also there’s a spirit involved in it.” He cranks out covers of Sex Pistols songs like “Pretty Vacant,” “God Save the Queen” and the Monkees’ “(I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone”— a song that every Sex Pistol can say they’ve spent some time with (even Matlock’s bass incompetent, yet crowd pleasing successor Sid Vicious covered it during his brief solo career)."

Read it here:

One more friend gets off
Farewell! Turns his tearful eyes
to the road ahead

Download it from pilhead:

What I was really waiting for was Nirvana's October 31, 1991 live show at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle, WA. This is a very high quality recording, remastered by JWB (John W. Busher ) into a phenomenal sounding show. Here's Nirvana right on the cusp. Nevermind had just gone gold three days before, and would go platinum about a month later.

Once I turned it on I could not stop dancing in the snow and frigid cold outside the truck, stereo cranked.
Kurt calls out:

"So two percent of you people are in costumes. Personally I think its very lame. You're all supposed to be punk rockers. You know who I came as, I came as John Jacobs. Cause I John Jacobs will bust a hundred bass guitars over my knee. You don't like John Jacobs? But he rips up phone books for god."

John Jacobs is an American evangelist. He is best known as the founder of The Power Team and The Next Generation Power Force. Like other ministries in which Jacobs has been involved, The Power Team and Then Next Generation Power Force performs feats of strength in conjunction with their evangelism pursuits.

The copy I listened to was a version of this soundboard quality show remastered by John W. Busher (JWB Remaster). I can't say for sure whether this MP3 version is a rerecording of the JWB Remaster version, but it is still worth a listen:

The massive files of the flac version of the JWB Remaster version can be found here:

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