Saturday, April 19, 2008


After nearly a nearly two month absence, Van Halen has once again returned to the stage with their appearance in Reno NV last Thursday. As the Reno Gazette Journal quotes:

"The band was in top musical form, with Eddie ever the astonishing guitarist and brother Alex pummeling away on his massive drum set. Even Roth didn’t hold back, save for a few of the banshee screams that went missing. The band played every song in its original key, evidence that Roth can still hit the highest highs, or at least back off subtly when he can’t."

"But the crowd stayed on its feet the whole time, a sure sign that this band can still whip an aging fan base into a frenzy. Nearly two hours, a drum solo and guitar solo later, the band didn’t seem to let up. They closed with “Ain’t Talkin’ ’Bout Love” and “Jump” amid a confetti storm, a giant inflatable microphone and not exactly a whole lot of jumping. Roth pulled out only a few helicopter kicks during the show, but not the high-flying scissor kicks he once did."

"“We’re a new band with the same s---ty attitude,” he added, letting everyone know that it was the original, sex-crazed party band that was on stage that night. The last time Van Halen was in Reno, it was 1992 during the Sammy Hagar era, but not a note from the Hagar days was heard."

The countdown for Milwaukee is on, with another appearance in Las Vegas tonight!

In the meantime, last night I attended their concert in Biloxi, Mississippi back in December 6, 1991, with Sammy Hagar in the lead. My Friday night rocked! This audience bootleg was trimmed down, Sammy's banter with the audience having been edited out. Otherwise it was a fairly good recording. I was looking ahead to the bigger concert planned for Saturday night!

Open air concert
Under a round moons white light
Big rock in his head

Dance across the stage
Screaming throng, their arms outstretched
Their six string hero

Solo performance
Furious fingers bend steel
Eddie taps our minds

Steel strings vibrating
Electrons set in motion
Rhythm for the feet

Close with the anthem
The fans pledge their allegiance
Music makes them JUMP!

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