Tuesday, April 8, 2008


This proved to be the best day of the whole trip, best snow and a great concert night!

The day was spent skiing Snowmass, where the snow storm the day before dumped about 3 to 4 inches of fresh powder. So the morning was spent skiing the fluff on the groomers before they were tracked out, fast and light. In the afternoon I hiked up to the Headwall Bowl were even more, deeper powder was found in an area that only the advanced skiers will visit due to the steep "headwall" and the plunge into the trees. It was really fun stuff. Later in the afternoon I stuck to the steeper slopes near the Headwall and returned to the one summit with its fantastic view of the east face of the Maroon Bells. The sun and warmth only added to the excellent day of skiing.

I met Mr. Klaus Obermeyer on the slopes, the founder of a ski clothing line of the same name. A German-accented, white haired 89 year old gentleman who was still on the boards! I recognized him from an appearance he made in a Warren Miller ski movie several years back. I congratulated him on the fact that he was still skiing and told him that it was my dream to be doing the same when I reached his age. He reasured me that I would be.

Across the valley
Children playing on the slopes
Hear far off laughter

Last run of the day
Blue shadows are lengthening
The slopes are empty

By 4 PM I was on the road, beginning the few hour drive to the San Juan Mountains. Over McClure Pass, through Delta, Montrose, and Ouray. I drove the narrow highway between Ouray and Red Mountain Pass in the dark, cliff towering above on the left, cliff dropping off on the right with no guardrail for safety (would hinder snow removal). Arrived at the turnout atop the pass around 9 PM, parked and cranked up the tunes! This night I chose to join the boys, including Gary Cherone, at their concert on October 20, 1998 in Hiroshima, Japan. Excellent sound quality and set list. The songs off their Van Halen III album were not very memorable, but the old standards they played rocked! Stereo cranked loud, echoing between the high snowbanks and surrounding peaks, with no fear of disturbing anyone! I was especially hyped about this nights concert because I was back in these rugged mountains and was looking forward to skiing rad Silverton Mountain. A great end to a really good day!

Bright stars shine above
Music echos cross the pass
Eddie shines below

Standing in the spotlight
Fast fingers caress the strings
Makes his guitar sing

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