Monday, April 21, 2008


I pulled out David Lee Roth's "A Little Ain't enough" CD and listened to it again on the way home from work. It has a moment here and there, but for the most part the album is forgetable. After repeated use of his canned formula when it came to making music (loud, fast, screeching, focus on women, booze, women, sexual references, parties, and more women), his brand of big metal party rock hit a dead end. One of the reasons he split from Eddie back in 1985 was that Dave wanted to continue using this formula over and over again, while Eddie grew tired of it and wanted to expand his musical style. Eddie took a new direction, brought on Sammy, and they together wrote 4 number 1 records, staying strong as a rock band through the mid 90's. David did not adapt, floundered around for a while and his career effectively hit the wall in the early 90's and never fully recovered.

From Wikipedia entry for DLR:
In 1991, Roth released A Little Ain't Enough, a more mainstream hard rock album, produced by Bob Rock; it achieved RIAA gold status. Twenty-year old guitar prodigy Jason Becker played on the album, but he was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease shortly before the accompanying arena tour. He was replaced by Joe Holmes. The stage for the A Little Ain't Enough Tour featured statues that spat whiskey at Roth's audience, and a pair of giant inflatable legs, positioned 'spread-eagle', wearing ripped, fishnet stockings. Musical tastes changed dramatically by the end of 1991, with the arrival of grunge music, hence Roth's tour did not sell out many venues, as in the past.

Golden locks are shorn
Strained voice, flying kicks are gone
Aging Adonis

Glam rock's Adonis
Stage god sees only himself
Acts like Narcissus

Casts himself adrift
Career's gradual decline
Floats on his ego

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