Saturday, April 12, 2008

9 TO 5, THEN ON TO '95

Friday night finds me standing outside with the truck stereo cranked, listening to Van Halen playing live somewhere in Europe in 1995. This bootleg was the warm up for the real show to follow inside the house , where cigar smoking is naturally prohibited.
Popped in the "VAN HALEN LIVE: Right here, right now" DVD to watch the boys play in Fresno CA in May 1992. Again, another hot video of a smokin concert during which a bunch of their hits are showcased. These DVDs have opened another avenue for me to better understand who these guys are and how well they performed for their audience. To explore this avenue further, I've acquired a few more DVDs of their concerts, all bootlegs, that should be arriving here at the house over the next week.

Frontier Airlines recently declared chapter 11 bankruptcy, although they say it will not affect their schedule of flights and therefore ticket holders should not worry. I'm flying to Milwaukee on Frontier in a couple weeks. If its not one thing I have to worry about, its another. The true test of whether this tour resumes happens this coming Friday night when Van Halen is scheduled to appear in Reno NV on April 17th. My fingers are crossed!

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