Saturday, April 26, 2008


The countdown is nearing the end. Van Halen appears at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, MO tonight, followed by their appearance in Milwaukee Monday night. In the meantime I'm doing my own countdown here at the house these next few nights with various concerts planned.

Friday night was Van Halen's South American assault in Montevideo, Uraguay. The band was hot and Dave was especially chatty. The only two things I understood him saying were "Uraguay est numéro uno" and "Where's my bottle?". I may have dissed Dave in earlier blogs, but this show is an example of where his singing was at its best and he was master of crowd control. The band was at their prime.

I was really hyped up on the way home from work because a) it was the beginning of a long weekend and b) I knew the Milwaukee show was now only a few short days away. As a consequence, I pretty well toasted by the end of this 2 CD bootleg recording.

Michael's bass solo
Keeper of Van Halen's groove
Goes on way too long

Dave raps with the crowd
Seduces the front row babes
Asks "Where's my bottle?!"

Blogging on the web
Diary of a rock band
Window to his soul

Cold starry darkness
Music strains the trucks speakers
Dance the night away

They focus on one
Egomaniacs control
It's all about Dave

Eddie's wild fingers
Nothing can stand in their way
Bore into the soul

Time comes to a halt
Past confused with the present
Reality lost

Loud heavy metal
Yes, the crowds feeling alright
Flask still yields its gold

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Claudio said...

decime que tenes ese disco para subir algun lado, recuerdo que mi prima fue a ese show, yo tenia 9 años y era como un sueño lo que ella me contaba.